Beginner’s Guide to Fishing

Fishing requires a lot of patience. But once you catch the fish, it is a very rewarding experience. Many people love fishing, and it is a very popular sport today. For those who are fishing for the first time, fishing might look like something very tricky. But as you read this guide, you will realise that it’s not very complicated.

Get a license

It is illegal to go fishing without a license. So, you need a license, and you can buy it from the local fishing shops or even online. The cost is not much but it depends on the period for which the license is valid.

Find a place

There are lots of places where you can go fishing, but you need to find a place that is convenient for you. You can find information about the local waters using fishing apps. You can start by going to the lakes. You will find a bank or dock in the lakes to fish.

You will find fish like panfish, bass, or rainbow trout. You can also go to the nearby rivers for fishing various trout species and even salmon.


You need to maintain good fishing etiquette all the time. You should be respectful of other people who are catching fish and ensure that no harm is caused to the environment.

Give the other anglers space for fishing and don’t overcrowd a spot. After you catch a fish, you can keep it according to the rule of the local water, but don’t keep more than you can eat.


You need to have the right fishing gear. You can buy a combo where reel and fishing tackle are sold together. However, you can buy them separately as well. The fishing tackle must be of good quality and easy to use. Next, you need to buy the lures and the bait. You can buy live worms or PowerBait that looks like scented putty.

You need to buy lures to get the fish’s attention. You should use bait. Bobbers are necessary to know that you have caught a fish. When the fish eats the lure you have put on the hook, the bobber will sink, indicating that the fish put his mouth on the hook and that very moment you can pull your tackle to catch the fish.

Once you know to get the license and gear, you can start fishing. You should read books and blogs on fishing to learn techniques.