Fishing is an enjoyable sport. However, it’s not a very easy sport. You need to know the right techniques and have the motivation and patience for it. Even the most skilled anglers sometimes need to sit for hours before they can get their catch. Here are some books on fishing that are good to read.

The Complete Book of Fishing

By – John Wilson, Arthur Oglesby, Trevor Housby, Mike Millman, and Peter Gathercole

The book is written by five expert anglers and so you will get the best guidance for catching the trophy. From this book, you will learn about the tackle to buy, which bait to use, and which technique you must apply. Here you will find descriptions of major sporting fish of the North American and European waters.

The book contains colourful illustrations too. You will learn in detail about hooking, casting, playing, and landing fish. You will know how to find good waters for fishing.

Peterson Field Guide to Freshwater Fishing

By – Lawrence M. Page and Brooks M. Burr

In this book, you will know about 1,000 freshwater fish species that are found in North America. You will also learn about the new species of fish found recently. You will love the colourful photography of the fish. You will find a detailed map of fishing locations. So, you will know where to find what species of fish.

The Complete Book on Fishing Knots, Leaders, and Lines

By – Lindsey Philpott

It is a handy fishing book for anglers of all levels. Here you will learn how to tie the knot perfectly for catching fish. You will find directions to tie 50 different knots. The author has given step-by-step instructions about it, and you will find it easy to tie the knots perfectly. You will love the colourful photography of the book.

Basic Fishing; A Beginner’s Guide

By – Wade Bourne

If you are new to fishing, then you must buy this book. Here you will learn the fishing terms, tackle, and common ways of catching fish. You will get an understanding of the waters and what kinds of fish you can find there. You will know where to buy tackle and other accessories needed for fishing.

All Fishermen Are Liars

By – John Gierach

The book provides accounts of the author’s best fly-fishing experiences. The author has travelled around North America and went fishing even on mountainous hideaways. If you are interested in fly fishing, you should buy this book.

These books have received great reviews and readers got many useful tips on fishing. You should buy some of these books to enhance your fishing skills.